ISO 9001 Quality

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Panther Logistics is committed to following ISO standards and is certified ISO 9001:2015

It is very difficult to measure and assess quality when equate third-party service suppliers. Unless you have used their services, how might you understand that they can pass on the quality amenity that they promise? At Panther, we augment our inside quality affirmation process with inspections and certifications by outside workplaces.

A warehouse industry leader since 1994, we have maintained ISO certification with periodic audits. Our food grade, allergen, pest control and daily sanitation programs are supported and our safety program is endorsed by consulting specialists. Our chemical control program is supported through audits by the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD). Ongoing assessments by these outside groups are critical because it provides the impartial quality assurance check that ensures we can deliver on our commitment to quality.